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Lily Zante - The Proposal



Nadine Stefano is a high flying career woman. She has no time for  relationships and is looking for a promotion. At her sisten’s hen party  Nadine comes across Ethan, one of the performers. She finds herself  attracted to him and they end up talking that first night.A few weeks  later, there is a company convention at Nadine’s firm. Not having a  date to take with her, and wanting to present the image of a settled  and happy woman in a relationship, Nadine resorts to calling Ethan at  the escort agency and asking him along.  Theirs is a strong  attraction, although there are various company politics and  characters that stand in their way.
Will their meeting lead to love, despite seemingly different career  choices, or will Nadine dump Ethan in order to pursue her career  goals?


If you love reading romance books by Debbie Macomber or Lucy Kevin, prepare to lose yourself in the deliciously romantic story: Love, Inc by Lily Zante. This is a light, contemporary romance novella about an office romance where two seemingly different individuals are bought together.

Lexi Stanning is a beautiful and intelligent secretarial temp who loves working in lots of different places. Not content with working for a boss, Lexi is also working on her side business where she is selling her own line of sexy lingerie.
Wayne Blunt is an entrepreneur whose company WB Enterprises makes products for the building and construction industries. His company is doing very well and he wants to take it to the next level. When Wayne and Lexi first meet they are worlds apart. Young, intelligent and beautiful Lexi is used to working at sleek, corporate offices. When she is offered a stint at WB Enterprises, working for the rather ruggedly handsome and hard-working boss, she instantly regrets accepting this contract. Wayne takes one look at Lexi and in her Prada high heels and doesn’t think she will last long at his company.
However, the business of love leads these two people through a roller coaster ride of emotional highs and depressing lows. Will Wayne and Lexi ever get their business together? Find out in Love, Inc.