At last, Heart Sync is available for release on Amazon.

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It will also be available on Apple, B&N, Kobo & Smashwords and I’ll post the  links as and when it becomes available on those platforms. Bear in mind that it  can take about 10 days for the book to show up in Apple and B&N.

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Life got incredibly busy as I was writing this book; it also took longer to write as it is longer than any of my other books.  There was so much  more to tell you all, in Ethan and Nadine’s story. The path of true love never  runs smooth, does it?

Now that the book is finished, I can stop playing the songs that I continuously  played while writing this book. I would listen to this before I wrote anything, as I needed to get my head out of daily life mode and into Ethan and Nadine’s world.  I saw Pink at the O2  back in April with a friend and this song somehow got into my head back then and never got back out again. I had plans for the prequel and sequel books to ‘The Proposal,’ back then but I hadn’t yet plotted the  books out.

Somehow, a part of  that song ended up giving me a feel for what I wanted to write in Heart Sync.

And then, during the last 6 weeks, the final stages of completing this book seemed to take much longer than I had originally thought.  I don’t drink energy drinks, but this song gave me the boost I needed to keep going for hours before crawling into bed at around 3 or 4am.

My family will be relieved to hear they no longer need to put up the continuous  playing of these songs anymore….

In fact, my 9 year old, who told me during half-term that “I was neglecting the kids”  because I was “always on the computer”, can now rest easy, for a few days,  at least.

After a couple of days break, I’ll be starting on my next book, ‘Honeymoon For Three’ which is the sequel to  ‘Honeymoon For One’.

Thank you for being patient and for putting up with my ever moving deadlines.

Heart  Sync is out there today, only because you wanted to hear more about Ethan  and Nadine.

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I loved spending time with  these characters.