For all of you who love Ethan and Nadine’s story, A Perfect Match Boxed Set is now on release and contains the following books in one collection:

The Proposal
Lost In Solo
Heart Sync

At the moment this is only available on Amazon and I will post the links as and when it becomes available at the other retailers.

For now, here are the Amazon links:

Click here to buy from Amazon US

Click here to buy from Amazon UK

What else?  I’ve started on my next book, ‘Honeymoon for Three’ but I’m not going to mention any release dates here!

I know I’ve mentioned it in a few places (I really must stop doing that) as, like most indie authors, I’m juggling lots of other things and can’t always discipline myself to finish a book on time. I hate disappointing my readers, and I get mega frustrated with myself for missing my own deadlines….

All that remains to be said now is to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2014 :-)

Lily x