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It’s finally here…the book many of you have been asking me about…and you didn’t have to wait as long as you normally do :-)

It’s available from Amazon right now, and will be available on other platforms around late August. I’ll post the links on my Facebook page at that time.

Meanwhile, here are the Amazon links – ‘Honeymoon Blues’ is discounted to .99 cents only until 29 July. So grab your copy right now!

Click here to buy from

Click here to buy from


Buy Honeymoon Blues from Amazon


I’m starting on the ‘Tainted Love Series’ next…so you can find out what happened to Zoe, Tanya and Melissa from the Perfect Match Series – due sometime around Autumn 2014.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find out some more about Ethan and Nadine too ;-)

I hope you enjoy ‘Honeymoon Blues’ – and have a great summer xx

It’s here, the cover to Honeymoon Blues, the third and final book in the Honeymoon Series.

I’m still looking to release the book by sometime next week…