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It’s out!

Reclaiming Love is currently available on Amazon, though it will start appearing at other retailers during the next few days and I will post the links as and when I get them.

Reclaiming Love is Book 2 of the Tainted Love Series, which are standalone books based on characters from the Perfect Match Series.

This post will explain the timelines of both books.

I must let you know that Reclaiming Love is a little darker than my previous books. However, as with all of my stories my characters survive and become stronger knowing that in time and with faith, things will work out.



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I hope you enjoy this one!



I wrote the Tainted Love Series of books to tell you what was going on in the lives of Zoe, Melissa and Tanya as Ethan and Nadine’s story unraveled in the Perfect Match Series.

Consequently, the timelines for the books are often in parallel with some of the events that take place in The Proposal, Lost In Solo, Heart Sync and A Leap of Faith and you’ll get occasional appearances from Ethan and Nadine and a few of the other characters from the Perfect Match Books.

Misplaced Love is Zoe’s story and it takes place just after the end of Heart Sync, though Zoe has made an appearance in a few scenes prior to Misplaced Love. In the Perfect Match books she is Billy’s girlfriend, and shares an apartment with Billy and his friend Ethan.  There is a scene in Misplaced Love which is also told from another point of view, in A Leap of Faith. Tyler makes a brief appearance in Lost In Solo, on Ethan’s 30th birthday when Ethan goes out with Billy and Zoe and meets some friends in Rocco’s.  Tyler is one of those friends and he is currently working as a male escort. He tells Ethan how easy it is to earn good money by doing what he does.


Reclaiming Love is Melissa’s story. Melissa is Nadine’s loyal and hard-working secretary. She meets Matt during the summer, in Lost In Solo, when he fixes an IT issue for her and Nadine. Reclaiming Love starts a few months later, in December, just after Nadine comes back from her month in Europe (in Heart Sync). Melissa’s story ends just as Nadine is trying to decide whether to give up Ethan, or to turn down her chance to work abroad for a year.

The Tainted Love books are a little darker than the Perfect Match Series and Reclaiming Love is the darkest of them all.


Embracing Love, the third book and final book, is Tanya’s story. Tanya first appeared in The Proposal when she interviewed Nadine for a job at the Zimmerman Group. Nadine later went on to replace Tanya in her role. Embracing Love takes place shortly after A Leap of Faith when Tanya relocates to Paris. She’s escaping San Francisco in the hopes of rebuilding her life and of course she’s given up on love altogether.

Because this is the last book in the series, you’ll get a glimpse of Ethan and Nadine and other characters from the Perfect Match books. For those readers who are familiar with Sandra Donnelly (if you’ve read the Perfect Match Series) please click here for a free bonus chapter on Sandra’s story.


The book is back! Needs a little tweaking. I’m hoping to have it out within the next 10 days. Watch this space ;-)

This is a draft cover but I couldn’t wait to show it to you :-)

Reclaiming Love is Melissa’s story…