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It’s finally out! ‘It Takes Two’ the first book in the ‘Italian Summer‘ Series, is now available on Amazon.

This is Rona’s story. If you’ve read the ‘Honeymoon Series‘ you’ll have already come across Rona who is Ava’s sister. The ‘Italian Summer’ Series is a spin-off from the ‘Honeymoon Series’ and these books take place after the end of ‘Honeymoon Blues‘ (but do not go as far as the epilogue in that book).


‘It Takes Two’ is available on Amazon and is also in Kindle Unlimited:

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I hope you enjoy this book. Andrea’s story will be next, followed by Gina’s. I would like to release Book 4 of the Honeymoon Series sometime around Nov/Dec 2015. I’ll keep you posted.

Happy reading!




I’m thrilled to share my new cover with you!

This is the first book in the Italian Summer Series, and It Takes Two is Rona’s story. It is set in Verona :-)

The Italian Summer Series starts soon after the end of Honeymoon Blues (it doesn’t go as far as the epilogue in Honeymoon Blues).  Rona’s story leads up to a week before Nico and Ava’s wedding.

The rest of the books in this series: Andrea, Gina and possibly Elsa’s stories will all be based around the time of ‘the wedding’ and will cover a few months before and after.

I’ll cover ‘the wedding’ in Book 4 of the Honeymoon series.