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It’s been released!

The Billionaire’s Love Story #5

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Now that life has thrown them together, keeping their romance a secret proves to be tough. Finding time alone together is even tougher.

Savannah’s refusal to declare their relationship out in the open forces her and Tobias to keep things under cover. And for the first time, Tobias learns that he isn’t the top priority. For single mom Savannah, her son always comes first.
Understanding her situation, he desires to whisk her away but first he must own up to his part in changing her circumstances.

But their differences in opinion aren’t easy to overcome and threaten their newfound happiness. And when the past catches up with Tobias, he runs the risk of more revelations and making himself vulnerable.
Can he open up to Savannah completely?

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The Billionaire’s Love Story is a romance serial which consists of 9 installments that vary in length from 25-45K. All 9 books are now available and they must be read in order:

The Gift, Book 1  (#1)

The Gift, Book 2 (#2)

The Gift, Book 3 (#3)

The Offer, Book 1 (#4)

The Offer, Book 2 (#5)

The Offer, Book 3 (#6) 

The Vow, Book 1 (#7) 

The Vow, Book 2 (#8)

The Vow, Book 3 (#9)

 And the boxed sets are here:

The Gift Boxed Set (Books 1, 2 & 3)

The Offer Boxed Set (Books 4, 5 & 6)

The Vow Boxed Set, (Books 7, 8 & 9)




Available now, the next instalment of ‘The Billionaire’s Love Story’:


Realizing that he has made a mistake of epic proportions, Tobias is anxious to put things rights but his attempts to make it up to Savannah prove futile.

Deeply wounded by his words, she is desperate to leave Stone Enterprises and to get as far away as possible from this temperamental man. Finding  herself both drawn to him and hating him at the same time, she is conflicted. Already fleeing an abusive relationship, she doesn’t want or need to put herself in the same vulnerable position again. When a job in another company beckons, she sees her chance to escape.

Tobias Stone always gets what he wants, and failure isn’t an option. He’ll do whatever is necessary to get her back.

But can he hope to win her heart?

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I’m so excited and want to share the cover of the next instalment of ‘The Biilionaire’s Love Story’ with you:



This is the cover for the next three bo0ks, ‘The Offer’.

Book 1 (which is #4 of the series) will be released in the next 1-3 days.