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She took a chance and found love in Italy. He found the woman of his dreams. Neither of them expected to fall in love but what could have been just a holiday romance, quickly turned to a deeper, more meaningful love. Now, married at last, Ava and Nico escape to their honeymoon, to relax and unwind. Together, they find bliss and a chance to forget the troubles and worries of their hectic lives. But even in paradise, problems from home and as far away as Denver, seep in. Yet these are minor matters and with their honeymoon days soon behind them, the reality of life soon hits.

Nico discovers that good intentions don’t always lead to good endings. For Ava, the reality of a new life in Italy, married to a man who is used to being in the
public eye, has its own set of problems.

Did she move too fast? Take on too much?

Love is about dealing with the highs and the lows, and celebrating the struggles and the victories, and Nico and Ava try to pick themselves up at each opportunity.

But sometimes life has other plans.



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