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The Billionaire’s Love Story

The Hookup is Book 2 of the Indecent Intentions series which is a spin-off from The Billionaire’s Love StoryIt is a STANDALONE book, with a HEA, no cheating and no cliffhangers: 


Cool. Dismissive. Emotionally unavailable.

That’s how Luke Hunter’s ex-girlfriends would describe him.
And he would agree.

Experience has taught him that being detached and not getting close is the only way to survive. So when the needy woman at the bar tells him about her relationship woes, he listens, but he can’t do more than that.

She’s interested, and he’s not.
She wants to get close, he wants his space.


When her cousin married the city’s hottest and most eligible bachelor, Kay Sullivan looked on and wished she could have someone like that.

If a single mother riddled with debt can get her fairytale ending, why can’t she?

Plus, Kay doesn’t necessarily need the guy to be a billionaire.
But it helps when he is.
So when she discovers that the bartender she met on vacation is filthy rich, on top of being drop-dead gorgeous, she might have just found a fairytale ending of her own.

Except that Luke Hunter doesn’t want a relationship.
He doesn’t date, and he’s not looking for love.

She can handle it.
She can.
Because, like most women, she knows he’ll change when he falls in love with her.
And until that time, letting him use her is something she’ll put up with.

Because the sex is great, even if it’s just a hookup.

** The Hookup is a 110K sexy standalone contemporary romance with a HEA, no cheating, or cliffhangers.
It is also Book 2 in the Indecent Intentions series (a spin-off from The Billionaire’s Love Story) **


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