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Rona Fernández left Verona with a clutch of happy memories. Her late night and frequent visits to the charming Gioberti’s restaurant had raised some eyebrows but nobody was overly suspicious of why she would go alone each evening.

Not even her husband.

Married and still looking hot despite a baby and almost seven years of marriage, Rona prides herself on looking good and getting noticed. Her five-two diet, love of tight and bright clothes, flashy jewelry and signature big hair make sure she is never a wall flower.

It’s just a shame that her hard-working husband is too busy working to pay her much attention.

When she returns to Verona to help her pregnant sister with her business and impending wedding, Rona sees another opportunity to make the most of life.

A harmless flirtation every now and then isn’t such a bad thing. As long it stays that way.

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