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Gina Morosini has spent her life pleasing others. Trust-worthy, reliable and sympathetic, she is the one people turn to with their problems, from her boss to her mother, and everyone else in between.
When the pressure around her piles up, something’s got to give and a week long training course in Rome provides the perfect escape.

Christian Russo doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Over-confident and self-serving, he’s only interested in doing what’s best for him. And right now, working for a training company in Rome isn’t it.
He can do better, and he knows it.
But even a stud like him needs help sometimes, especially when it comes to fixing his résumé.

Asking the quiet mouse of a woman for help is the start of a journey he never expected.
Because an encounter like this, in Rome of all places, is destined to lead to other things.


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