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** A Leap of Faith follows on from the end of Heart Sync, but it does not go as far as the epilogue mentioned in the third book **

Having taken their relationship to another level, Ethan and Nadine quickly discover that life is no easier.

With career demands greater than ever, insecurities threaten to unsettle Nadine, no thanks to the constant and cruel remarks from Sandra.

As well, Ethan struggles to balance work and to accept the success his metal sculpting has brought him. As he soon learns, being well-known attracts more business but it has drawbacks too.

Work dominates and threatens their commitment to one another; it’s not just their earning levels that seek to divide them.

And sometimes, people and situations aren’t always as they seem, as Nadine finds out when she makes a startling discovery about the foundations of her romance with Ethan.




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