For those of you waiting for Book 4 in the Italian Summer Series, I’m hoping to release Gina’s story by the end of June. For now, here’s an unedited 1st chapter excerpt:

“Don’t, Mama. Don’t say things like that.”

“It’s the truth” her mother snapped. “They all want one thing.” Gina gave her mother a weary look and wished that she would at least show a morsel of happiness for her today. But instead the old woman waggled a finger at her. “Don’t go making the same mistake your sister did.”

“Stop it, Mama.”  She hadn’t expected her mother to wish her well, or to hope that she had a good weekend but she hadn’t expected this level of vitriol.

Her mother had never met Davide. In fact, her mother had never met any of Gina’s boyfriends, as few and far between as they were. This was the way Gina preferred it.

Running into her old school friend at Nico and Ava’s wedding last summer had been the strangest thing, especially when so many of the people she had gone to school with had moved away or gone abroad. But Davide had recognized her—it probably wasn’t difficult, she guessed, even though fifteen years had passed. She hadn’t changed much. Her hair was longer and she had more fine lines on her face, but other than that she looked the same now as she had then.

He had come up to her at the evening reception party. It was a pleasant surprise once she got over the shock of seeing him after so many years. Men tended not to hit on her, or notice her much but Davide had come up to her and they had been inseparable for the rest of the evening.

Their courtship had been slow. For months they had remained friends, catching up on the past and slowly rekindling their old romance.

“A weekend in Venice,” her mother sniffed. “Don’t come back pregnant.”

“Mama!” exclaimed Gina, her face burning. She had been looking forward to her weekend away with Davide and didn’t need her mother’s venomous words to taint it. This would be the first time they had gone away. Finding time alone wasn’t easy. For one thing, she never allowed Davide to come here, to the house she shared with her mother, and he lived in rented accommodation, sharing a house with a few of his friends. With both of them busy with work, they never found much time to spend together but having him around these past few months had made the time more bearable.

Working at the Casa Adriana hotel fulfilled her completely. Nico, her boss, relied on her more than eve and she had never worked harder. Even when he had hired two new people to join the management team, Gina found that her workload hadn’t decreased; neither had Nico’s. Taking on more people had made her life busier because she had been responsible for helping them to settle in while Nico concentrated on his new hotel.

It didn’t matter. She thrived on the frenetic pace of her working life because it took her away from the misery of her life at home. Having Davide around made it even better.

“I’m leaving now, and I’ll call you when I get there, Mama,” she declared. Not so much to tell her mother that she had arrived safe and well in Venice but more to make sure her mother was fine. Her mother mostly was fine, albeit that she was getting nervous, and playing up because of her upcoming surgery. Her mother being a glass-half-empty person considered herself as being ill, and therefore in constant need of attention.

“Don’t forget to take your medicine on time,” Gina told her, glancing over her shoulder as she picked up her overnight bag. “The taxi’s here, Mama. I have to go.”

She could barely wait. They had agreed to meet at the train station in Verona at 10. It meant they would be in Venice in time for lunch.

“Go!” Her mother shrieked. “You don’t care if I get sick. It’s what you want so that you won’t have to look after me. Go and leave, like that sister of your.” Her mother waved her hand dismissively.

Gina squeezed her eyes shut. Increasingly her mother was becoming harder to live with. It had been her fault for coming back home six years ago after the friend she shared an apartment with decided to get married. Her mother had fallen sick then, and Gina had been the only one around to help. Moving back home and taking care of her mother had seemed the only way back then.

Her sister Mimi was the lucky one who got away.

“Did you get my medicine?”

“Yes. You have enough for the weekend, Mama.” She inhaled deeply. It’s only one weekend.  “Ciao, Mama.” She stepped outside, not even bothering to wait for her mother’s goodbye.

She got into the taxi and breathed easier when the car pulled away, leaving the row of tidy houses further behind her. A wave of relaxation rolled over her and it suddenly became apparent to her that this feeling of relief was becoming common; that Davide had been a distraction, a much needed injection of light into the bleak canvas that was her life.

She always felt better when she walked into the marbled hallway of the Casa Adriana. There, Gina felt truly at peace but lately even that was becoming a place she wanted to avoid. It had never grated on her before, but it was starting to now.

People passed things onto her that they couldn’t manage, managers from the other hotels offloaded their problems onto her and expected her to magically solve them. Nico seemed to demand more and more from her and now with his new hotel getting closer to opening, the pressure was full on. Everything was piling up and she found it almost impossible to be as chirpy in the face of mounting work pressure as she had been before.

Her well was becoming drier.

She had no more compassion, no more words of sympathy, no more empathy left in her. No more could she be a sounding board, a smiling face, or a listening ear.

Some days it all got too much.

And lately, there had been some days when she had flirted with the idea of getting away from it all. Lately, she had been toying with the idea of leaving Verona, leaving her mother’s house, leaving the Casa Adriana and starting over.

She waited with happy expectation outside Porta Nuova for almost twenty minutes watching the swarms of people coming and going. It wasn’t until she looked at her watch that she realized she had been waiting for almost half an hour. They were supposed to catch the 10.30 train.

Still, she wasn’t going to panic. She felt too blissfully happy for anything to dampen her mood. Davide would come, but she would call him if he didn’t turn up in another five minutes.

Just as she started to rummage around in her handbag for her phone, he showed up at her side, breathless, with a flushed face.

“Ciao,” she cried, her face and eyes lighting up at the sight of him. Happiness flowed through her veins and then stopped when she noticed that he had no luggage on him.

“Where’s your…?” Luggage, she wondered, not completing her sentence. He stared at her, half-frowning, half-uneasy. Something wasn’t quite right. She could tell by the way he averted her gaze, by the way he didn’t lean in to kiss her, by the way he didn’t greet her.

By his silence.

“Gina, I…” He took her arm, stared down, and there it was again, his refusal to meet her eyes for more than a second. “We need to talk.”

And then she knew, even before she heard the lengthy explanation. Her insides felt heavy as if her heart had been weighted down by lead chains.

“I see,” said Gina, even though she couldn’t see because everything blurred through the tears in her eyes. But she couldn’t cry. She couldn’t let him see that he had hurt her. He had led her away from the busy main entrance of the station and taken her around the corner which was quiet, where less people would turn and stare and might wonder why this young couple looked so intense and unhappy.

“It’s not you, it’s me,” she heard him say. “I need my own space.”

She frowned. “You couldn’t tell me before?”  Like last night, or earlier this morning.

“I thought it would go away, I thought what I felt was just that—a feeling, nerves, whatever you might call it. It’s taken me all morning to realize that I can’t do it. Going away would be a mistake, Gina. I wanted to tell you sooner but you seemed so happy about going away, I didn’t want to burst your bubble.”

She shook her head. “You think it’s better telling me now?” His timing couldn’t have been lousier. Telling her now when she had packed and was dressed and was about to walk onto a train thinking that this man was the best thing to happen to her in years.

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

“You keep saying that.”

“I jumped from one relationship straight into this. I think I need to do my own thing.”

Listening to him, she wondered how he could stay so calm and put together when inside she was crumpling into herself, but she also knew she didn’t need to think about these things just yet. Not with him around. In private, when she was alone, then. She drew upon her usual reserves of strength—the things that helped her through all sorts of predicaments, both personal and professional, in the past. “I respect your decision, but,” she paused, knowing that she didn’t need to say this, but she wanted to. She needed to get it out so that it wouldn’t fester inside her, so that she could tell him what a difference he had made to her life, before he left it forever. “We were good together,” she said, needing him to know, because she truly believed it. She wanted him to say he’d made a mistake, that maybe he would give her another chance, that they could try again. That she was right. But instead he stared at the floor as if it was too much of an effort to look at her.

“I think it’s best if we …you know…we…” He couldn’t say it and she resisted the urge to rescue him and to make it less painful. “I like you Gina, but this isn’t the right time for me.”

“I have some things at your place,” she said, remembering. Her toothbrush, a few clothes and some undergarments.

“I brought them with me.” From behind his back produced a small plastic bag.

Extending a stiff arm, she grabbed it and wondered if he felt even a morsel of the hurt she did. She glanced at him and saw that he looked perfectly fine. “Thanks,” she said, taking her bag without opening.

She could do this. She could make a strong exit. She needed to make a strong exit. “Goodbye, Davide. I hope you find that space you were looking for.”

“Will you be alright?” he asked. As if he cared.

“I’ll be fine.” She had to be fine because everyone around her depended on her to be.

She turned around and walked as fast as she could, away from him, and the train station. Her tears fell, blurring her vision as she tried to hail a taxi and wondered what to tell her mother, of how she would go back home with her tail between her legs, and humiliation written all over her face.


An Ordinary Hero, my latest series starter, is now available as a single book! It was originally released as part of a multi-author boxed set, Hot Silver Nights.












This is the story of Meghan Summers. The teacher she developed a crush on back when she was 18, suddenly reappears in her life in spectacular fashion ten years later.

Lance Turner becomes the hottest new hero when he saves a student during a campus shooting. His sudden fame, coupled with his good looks, is enough for his ex-wife to want him back more than ever. The gorgeous 40 year old college professor s a catch by anyone’s definition.

When the world around her was crumbling, Mr. Turner was the only one to comfort her. But that was then, and this is now. He’s not her teacher anymore, and she’s not 18.

Are second chances possible?

I’ve updated the covers to my Perfect Match Series!

I wrote The Proposal towards the end of 2012. It was my 2nd attempt at writing romance. (Love, Inc was my 1st). I had NO idea what I was doing. I knew nothing about POV, nothing about head-hopping, didn’t even know how to format my books, and the first draft was actually a word vomit while I typed away furiously at my keyboard after work.

I was working in London then, juggling three children and three different school-runs. I was exhausted. I wrote the story in about 10 days and I uploaded what was nothing better than a 1st draft (I can’t believe I did that!)

It was December 2012. The children were ill. They had the norovirus , which was winter vomiting bug. I was desperate to get this story finished and uploaded before Christmas. Once the kids got better, I fell ill with the same bug. I managed to upload something, even though I knew it was full of errors, I didn’t think anyone would buy my book. I needed to reach that goal of uploading by the end of December.

So I did.

Except that I then forgot to fix the errors :-(

The story was riddled with them. Grammar, spelling, POV shifts, head-hopping mistakes galore, you name it. I EVEN got a minor character’s name wrong (HORROR OF HORRORS). And then, to make it worse, I decided to run an Amazon promo on the book – forgetting that I had yet to fix the mistakes. (Or, you know, refine my drafting process…)

I had 10,000 free downloads over the next few days.

And people started to read my book!

They left reviews, too!!!!

Some loved it, despite the errors.

Some hated it, because of the errors, and some just hated the story.

A male stripper and a corporate high-flier?

But The Proposal went on to become an Amazon Bestseller (in the UK)

I’ll take it :-)

And I went on to write 3 more books which then became my first ever contemporary romance series. A Perfect Match Series  sold enough to make me believe I could make a go of this – writing romance for a living.

I write contemporary romance intermingled with women’s fiction, family life and sagas. I write about love, romance, friendships and relationships – the fabric which makes up our lives. Back then I thought I was writing chick-lit, so my first covers were:

I’ve changed the covers a few times since then and these are the latest:


I LOVE them :-)

I’m never sure I capture a book well, because covers are so subjective but I absolutely love these new ones.




NEW release: Fool’s Gold, the sequel to All That Glitters, is here!  Click here to buy

Click here to buy Fool’s Gold

Many of you have written to ask me when this book was out because it was supposed to be released last year.

THANK YOU for your patience :-)

The delay was because I started the Billionaire books after writing All That Glitters and Baby Steps (the final book in the Honeymoon Series), and I am only now returning to the Italian Summer series. I’m hoping to wrap this series up by Summer 2017 (Gina’s book will be next followed by Elsa’s).

Fool’s Gold continues from where Baby Steps ended – that is, on the day of the launch party for the Cazale Ravenna, Nico’s new hotel and spa center.

For newcomers to my books, you don’t have to have read the Honeymoon series in order to read the Italian Summer series, and while most books in the Italian Summer series will be standalone, Fool’s Gold is a carry-on from All That Glitters. Also, should you want to read both series and you want to avoid spoilers, there is a recommended reading order.

I’ll be in touch when Fool’s Gold releases – hopefully just after Easter. In the meantime, here is an (unedited) Chapter 1 excerpt:


Chapter 1

“Would you like to stay here?” Dino asked.

“Here?” Her voice lacked enthusiasm.

“Not now, but one day,” he said, placing his hand gently around the small of her back. She shivered, not because his touch electrified her, but because it felt like an invasion of her privacy and she wasn’t ready for him to invade it. Not yet.

What answer could she give him when she wasn’t sure if it was an offer or a passing comment? These little games that men and women played were getting to be too much. “Maybe. If I can find the time to get away.”

“You have to make time, Andrea. You have to live a little, take a risk, do something spontaneous.”

She’d tried it once, she remembered. In Bellagio with Riley. Once bitten twice shy. No, thank you.

“It’s stunning, isn’t it?” she said, changing the subject briskly. They walked along the stony path leading away from the main hotel. Jewel-colored irises swayed in the soft breeze and colorful blooms lit up the evergreen gardens. The scent of wisteria filled the air while proud Judas trees showed off their pink blossom

“He’s done an amazing job, your friend,” Dino agreed, a little stiffly. The new Cazale Ravenna—a hotel and spa center, was the latest business venture of her friend Nico Cazale, the husband of one of her close friends.

“Nico has an eye for these things,” she said softly. An old flame of hers, he was now the sole heir to the Cazale hotel empire. His father would have been proud of him.

“He’s put Ravenna on the map but it will be interesting to see how many people will want to come here. It’s never been a go-to destination for me.”

“No?” She detected a hint of jealousy in Dino’s voice. “Nico is a savvy entrepreneur. I think this new hotel is going to be an enormous success.”

Dino’s brows knitted together. “Weren’t the two of you together you once?” She was surprised that he knew for theirs had been a very low-key and short-lived romance many years ago. In the time it took her to formulate a reply, he beat her to it. “I wonder if his wife knows what she’s gotten herself in for.”

“I don’t like the way you’re talking about my friends,” answered Andrea, defensively. “You don’t really know them.”

“I’ve read enough about them. Hard not to when they’re always in the papers these days. Some people love the fame.”

They don’t,” she replied, stony-faced. “They don’t seek it out and I wish the press would leave them alone. You’re naïve if you think everything the press prints is true.”

Dino looked at her with astonishment. “You’re very touchy about them.”

“They’re lovely people, they make a wonderful couple and now they have a baby. I wish everyone would leave them alone.”

“Sorry.” Dino’s eyebrows lifted in surprise. “I like him, he’s nice enough—”

She knew what it was. “It’s natural to be jealous of someone who’s good-looking, successful and—”

Dino roared with laughter. “Okay,” he put his hand up. “I’ll stop.”

“I was being serious.”

“I’m not jealous of your friend, if that’s what you think. The Massari brothers have plenty of good looks, charisma and family money behind them and a lot of heart. It all depends on what you’re looking for.”

She stayed silent.

“You’re always so defensive about him, Andrea.”

“He and Ava are good friends of ours.”


“Mine and Leo’s.” Saying it like that made it sound as if she and Leo were an item. They were so not.

“Talking of Leo, you never told me he was with someone.”

“With someone?”

“Over there.” Dino jutted out his chin, indicating over her shoulder. But when she turned to look, she only caught a brief glimpse of Leo before he disappeared into the hotel’s main entrance. “Who was he with?” she asked, curious.

“Someone very tall and very pretty.”

Who? Leo hadn’t mentioned anything to her about coming with a partner.

“Are you cold?” Dino asked when she rubbed her hands over her arms.

“No.” Not cold. She wished she’d worn something more elegant. The short, off-the-shoulder glittery dress had certainly caught Dino’s attention but she was afraid she’d sent him the wrong message. As it was, she wasn’t totally sure what message she was trying to convey. She was thankful, though, that she wasn’t staying the night. Because of the long drive to Ravenna, some of the party guests had chosen to stay over tonight but she was eager to return home. Still, she wondered what Leo and his friend were doing. She glanced again at the hotel entrance.

“It’s still warm out here,” she commented. It was, for early spring weather and it had been pleasant, the long drive here. Dino had kindly offered to drive her here. He was good company, easy to be around and easy to talk to although her friend Ava begged to differ.

And clearly, he was interested, and sometimes that sexy way he had of looking at her, did something to her heart. Made it flutter. Sometimes.

When he’d come to pick her up, his admiring glances had said more than words ever could have. His gaze had lingered a little too long, a little too slowly, over her face and body, heating her skin with its intensity. She already knew she looked good tonight but it took a man’s validation to convince her.

It had been months since she had seen or heard from Riley but the humiliation of that relationship still cut deep and the scent of betrayal still lingered. Her romance with the American had left its wounds. She was now extra wary around men and had it not been for her bad experience, she would probably have given in to Dino’s advances long ago.

Not that Dino was sleazy, or forceful, but he wasn’t cool and laid back like Leo, her business partner.  A friend of her brother’s for many years, Leo had come on board to invest in her company and to help her with expansion. She now relied on him to be her right hand man and there were days when she wondered how she had ever run her business alone. Things were so much better now that there were two of them to deal with everything. Especially since the last six or more months had been difficult.

“Do you want to take a look at the infinity pool?” Dino asked, touching her bare arm lightly with his finger. But she had caught sight of Leo again. He was standing next to Nico and they looked to be deep in conversation. It was only then that she noticed the woman. Tall and definitely striking, in a full-length figure hugging black strappy dress, she suddenly came into view and stood with her arm hooked into Leo’s.


She dragged her attention back to Dino and flinched as his hand once more touched her arm. “Too soon?” he asked, appearing to notice that she seemed irritated.

“No, no,” she said, smiling and trying to fix the damage. She had to force herself not to look at Leo again even though she was itching to. How could she explain to Dino that she wasn’t ready? He seemed so keen. It didn’t seem fair to let him think she might be interested. He was handsome in a boyish kind of way. Olive skinned, slicked back hair, sexy eyes. At another time, a pre-Riley time, she might have fallen for him in a heartbeat. But post-Riley, things were complicated.

She was terrified of making another bad judgment call.

“I don’t understand, Andrea.” Dino stood directly in front of her, blocking her easy view of Leo and the woman. “I like you, you like me, we’re both single, so what’s the problem?” Away from the crowds and the rush of the evening, alone here in a tranquil corner of the grounds, she didn’t have an answer for him. At least not one that would make sense to him. “There isn’t…a…problem,” she said slowly, struggling to find the right words. “I’m sorry.”

He shrugged, with his hands in his trouser pockets. “Don’t apologize, Andrea. You don’t need to be sorry but I’m trying to be patient. Sometimes, it’s impossible to know what you want.”

“Time,” she said, hugging her clutch bag to her chest. “I just need more time.” How much more, she didn’t know.

She saw him flex his knuckles. “I can wait,” he said, and the weight on her shoulders slowly slipped away. “This is good enough, having you on my arm.” He smiled at her and the awkwardness of the moment disintegrated.

“This is good,” she agreed.

“I like you, Andrea Brunelli. I like you a lot and I’m going to wait patiently until you decide that I’m the one for you.”

He was boyishly good-looking if more than a little full of himself.






I’ve changed the covers to the books in the Italian Summer series!


This is a spin-off from the Honeymoon Series  and Ava and Nico and others also make appearances in these books.

Just a reminder that the sequel to All That Glitters is due to be released in a few weeks time :-)


It’s been a while since I’ve officially released something: I wrote The Wish (a final part to The Billionaire’s Love Story) in December but this isn’t available to buy and is a gift to my subscribers. But I’ve been working on a new series (more on that in a moment) and I have yet to wrap up the Italian Summer series. You might be pleased to know that the sequel to All That Glitters is almost complete!

Now, about that new book!  It’s called An Ordinary Hero it is  part of a multi-author collection called Hot Silver Nights which features heroes aged 40 and above. This novella will be released as part of a boxed set for the first 3 months and I’ll release it as a single novella in May 2017.

Here’s the cover for the boxed set – I’ll have a different cover for it when I release it as a single book:


Meghan Summers still hasn’t forgotten her high-school ‘almost romance’ with her teacher ten years ago. When the world around her was crumbling, he was the only one to give her comfort. 

But when the past suddenly resurfaces and Lance Turner becomes the newest hero in her city, she wonders if life is giving her a second chance.

Here’s an excerpt for you:


10 years earlier…

“He can apply his trigonometry to my triangle any time,” gushed Arla.

“What?” Meg asked, distracted. She checked the answer to her differential equations again.

“Mr. Turner,” sighed her friend. “It should be illegal for any school teacher to be that hot.” Her friend had turned all soft and soppy, capable only of staring at their new teacher. He wasn’t new per se. He’d been here over a year, but he was new to them, and he was now taking them for Math. Meghan ignored her and continued to work through the questions they had been set.

“I can’t concentrate,” moaned Arla, and stretched out, knocking over her pencil sharpener. Because the lid to the small plastic casing wasn’t properly on, the mess of pencil shavings spilled like sand onto her book.

“Now look what you’ve done!” Meghan hissed. Arla could be a real klutz sometimes.

“Sorry.” Arla leaned over and tried to push away the shavings with her fingers but ended up making more of a mess.

“Stop!” Meghan cried, aghast.

“What’s going on in that corner?” Mr. Turner’s sharp rebuke slapped them to attention. They stared at him guiltily as his lake blue eyes pinned them to their seats.

“Well?” He asked, still holding a stick of chalk in his dusty fingers. “Sorry, sir. It won’t happen again,” Meghan replied, since Arla had suddenly become mute.

“What won’t happen again?” Mr. Turner snapped, making her jolt. She’d never heard that tone in his voice before. She’d never given him any reason to be angry with her, ever. Her homework was delivered on time, her grades were perfect and she always answered questions correctly. She was a clever and sensible girl who could do no wrong. Arla was usually the culprit.

Mr. Turner was usually laid back and cool but strict. Young looking, and approachable, students sometimes made the mistake of thinking that they could treat him like one of them, but he’d soon set them straight. He had a quiet and commanding way about him. Not heavy-handed, like the Science teachers, but in his own way. The girl students lusted after him, but lean and wiry, wasn’t her type, and, personally, she couldn’t see the fascination.

Right now, his gaze penetrated deep into her, and for a second it felt as if he could see through her. She opened her mouth, but decided her answer would sound too pathetic. “I want you to collect everyone’s sheets at the end of the lesson,” he said, then turned back and continued to write on the blackboard.

She nodded, and swallowed.

“Don’t forget about the test on Friday!” Mr. Turner shouted, when the end-of-lesson bell rang. Book slammed shit, chair legs scraped across the wooden floor and footsteps shuffled frantically as students herded out.

I’ll wait for you by the lockers,” Arla said, rushing passed Meghan who got up dutifully and collected all the sheets from the now haphazardly aligned desks. She shuffled them into a neat pile and walked over to the teacher’s desk. He’d finished rubbing out the blackboard and when he turned around the light dusting of chalk powder fell like loose lint onto his pale blue checked shirt.

“This is all of them, sir,” she said, placing the pile on his desk.

“Thank you.” She turned to go.

“I didn’t mean to raise my voice,” he said, catching her by surprise. She looked back at him. He had the pile of papers in his hand. “I know it wasn’t your fault.”

 She looked at him, but said nothing.

“Your test results,” he said, preventing her further from leaving the classroom. “They’ve been inconsistent lately.”

She held her breath.

“You might want to concentrate on the areas that you’re weak in.”

“Yes, sir.”


Chapter 1


The hairs on the back of his neck stood up and his stomach emptied. He heard the screams, shrill, blood-curdling, and rushed around the corner. A student sprinted towards him, her terror-filled eyes bulging. Unblinking. As she bolted towards him, everything else around him slowed down. It was like watching an 8mm movie with the projector playing up and running in slow motion. She screamed again, one long, ear-splitting scream.

And that was when he saw the shooter behind her. His face was calm, with almost a smile. But a smile didn’t belong here. He looked familiar, too, and walked quickly, not running, but moving with serious intent.

He pointed his gun at the girl, and Lance sprinted forward. Time slowed, almost stopped, as she lunged towards him. He grabbed her and spun her around, shielding her body with his.

A sound, small like a firecracker sounded around his ears, and then his shoulder cracked into two, as if a meat cleaver had sliced clean through it.

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A Christmas short story (15K) that continues on from the last installment, The Vow, Book 3.

I wrote ‘The Wish’ as a gift for my subscribers. It’s not available for purchase online but if you’ve signed up to receive my newsletter, you’ll get this short story soon.

If you’re not a subscriber, you can get it by clicking here.

It’s Christmas, and one year on from when Tobias and Savannah first met. Savannah is determined to make this a memorable time for them but Tobias just wants her to take things easy. And Jacob? Well, he has a few wishes of his own.

Find out what happens in the next chapter of their lives.


Here you go! The last part of Ava and Nico’s story which started with Honeymoon For One.


Baby Steps takes place just after the end of Honeymoon Bliss (Book 4) and concludes the Honeymoon Series.  Following on from Nico’s car accident and the birth of their daughter, things are supposed to be getting easier with Nico recuperating at home. Time away from running his empire means time to spend at home with his wife and new daughter. But things don’t seem to go as smoothly as they both hoped.

I hope you enjoy the last of their story :-)

Click here to find out more

I know that many of you have been waiting for the final book in the Honeymoon Series. I had intended to have this ready by Summer 2016 but I’d been writing The Billionaire’s Love Story from Dec 2015 to July 2016 and I took a little break. I’m working on it now and hope to have the 5th and final book ready by the end of Oct. It might slip into early November, but I’m hoping it doesn’t.

Soon after Book 5 is out I’ll be writing the sequel to All That Glitters, because this, too, is long overdue. Sorry for the delay – blame it on the billionaire :-)

In the meantime, I’ve also updated the covers:

It’s finally here! The final installment of The Billionaire’s Love Story (#9): The Vow, Book 3


It’s still July – so I made my deadline! But it was later than I had intended simply because this final book ran longer than any of the others. I hope you enjoy this final installment :-)  Click here for more details.

The boxed set of The Vow will be released on 14th August 2016.


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