Here’s the cover to the 4th book in the ‘Honeymoon Series’.

‘Honeymoon Bliss’ will be released in a few days’ time. I hope you’ll like the new book, and I hope you love the cover!

All That Glitters‘, Book 2 in the ‘Italian Summer Series‘ is now available on Amazon or you can read it for free in Kindle Unlimited.

This is Andrea’s story and if you’ve read the ‘Honeymoon Series‘, you’ll be familiar with Andrea from there.  There is a recommended reading order, if you want to read both series without coming across any spoilers. I hope you enjoy this book and there will be two more in the series which are due in early 2016 (Gina and Elsa’s stories).

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The Honeymoon Series and the Italian Summer Series can be read separately, however characters from both series appear in most of the storylines since the books are set in the same world. So, if you would like to read BOTH series without running the risk of coming across spoilers, there is a recommended reading order:

Honeymoon For One
Honeymoon For Three
Honeymoon Blues
It Takes Two
All That Glitters
Honeymoon Bliss
Baby Steps 
Fool’s Gold
Roman Encounter 
November Sun
New Beginnings

In the Italian Summer Series of books you find out what was going on in the lives of Rona, Andrea, Gina & Elsa while Nico and Ava’s story is continued throughout the Honeymoon Series.

Recommended Reading Order:

Because of this overlap with the characters and the world they live in, the timelines for the books are connected and consequently there is a recommended reading order if you want to read both series without stumbling across spoilers.

Honeymoon For One, Honeymoon For Three and Honeymoon Blues are the first three books in the Honeymoon Series. The Italian Summer Series begins with Rona’s story, It Takes Two and takes place after the end of Honeymoon Blues but none of the books go as far as the epilogue mentioned in Honeymoon Blues.

All That Glitters is Andrea’s story and and parts of this book are in parallel with It Takes Two.



Here’s the cover to my latest book, ‘All That Glitters’, Book 2 in the ‘Italian Summer Series’. This is Andrea’s story and is a standalone  book. I’m expecting to release it sometime in the first week of October.

I have changed the covers to my Honeymoon Books!

I love them. I love the colors and the images. But I’m biased ;-)

What do you think?

The covers will slowly update at the retailers. I’m busy with the final touches to Book 2 of the ‘Italian Summer Series’. It is called  ’All That Glitters’ and I’ll do a cover reveal tomorrow and a 1st chapter excerpt for my newsletter subscribers.

In the meantime I just wanted to share the new Honeymoon covers with you (did I tell you that I absolutely love them?)

It’s finally out! ‘It Takes Two’ the first book in the ‘Italian Summer‘ Series, is now available on Amazon.

This is Rona’s story. If you’ve read the ‘Honeymoon Series‘ you’ll have already come across Rona who is Ava’s sister. The ‘Italian Summer’ Series is a spin-off from the ‘Honeymoon Series’ and these books take place after the end of ‘Honeymoon Blues‘ (but do not go as far as the epilogue in that book).


‘It Takes Two’ is available on Amazon and is also in Kindle Unlimited:

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I hope you enjoy this book. Andrea’s story will be next, followed by Gina’s. I would like to release Book 4 of the Honeymoon Series sometime around Nov/Dec 2015. I’ll keep you posted.

Happy reading!




I’m thrilled to share my new cover with you!

This is the first book in the Italian Summer Series, and It Takes Two is Rona’s story. It is set in Verona :-)

The Italian Summer Series starts soon after the end of Honeymoon Blues (it doesn’t go as far as the epilogue in Honeymoon Blues).  Rona’s story leads up to a week before Nico and Ava’s wedding.

The rest of the books in this series: Andrea, Gina and possibly Elsa’s stories will all be based around the time of ‘the wedding’ and will cover a few months before and after.

I’ll cover ‘the wedding’ in Book 4 of the Honeymoon series.



This series is a spin-off from the Honeymoon Series and the books will be standalone. Andrea’s story takes up two books: All That Glitters and Fool’s Gold.

While it isn’t necessary to have read the Honeymoon books, the two series are connected and there is overlap. Therefore, if you don’t want any spoilers, there is a recommended reading order. 

The first book, It Takes Two, is Rona’s story and subsequent books will be about Andrea, Gina and Elsa. You will also hear from your favorites in here: Ava and Nico.


Here it is! The cover to my latest book, Embracing Love. This is Tanya’s story and I’m hoping to release the book in a few days’ time.



This is the third and final book in the Tainted Love Series. You might recall that Tanya Braun left San Francisco to work in Europe for a year. Her story takes place in Paris.

Ethan and Nadine, and some other familiar faces from the Perfect Match books also make an appearance here.

I often get asked by my readers to recommend books that are similar to mine – particularly clean-ish books.  While most of my books are clean, I’ll include a few steamy scenes only if I think they are appropriate. So I’m not squeaky, squeaky clean :-)

But, to answer the question I asked my newsletter subscribers and the list below contains their replies. Please note there might be some levels of heat in these books and I suggest you check each author’s works on Amazon or elsewhere.

These authors write in a variety of different romance sub-genres:

Ceceila Ahern
Rochelle Alers
Sara Alexi
Trisha Ashley

Mimi Barbour
Annette Blair
Cheryl Bolen
Deborah Brown
Lucinda Brant

Glynnis Campbell
Robyn Carr
Edie Claire
Debra Clopton
Jennifer Coburn
Elizabeth Cole
Helen Conrad
Lori Copeland
Nina Cordoba
Jane Costello
Catherine Coulter
Josephine Cox
Tanya Ann Crosby

Janet Dailey
Vanessa Davis-Griggs
Jude Deveraux
Lucy Diamond

Marie Farrarella
Katie Fforde
Mimi Foster

Colleen Gleason
Ruth Gordon
Heather Graham

Danielle Harmon
Fiona Harper
Kathy Herman
Rita Hestand
Brenda Hiatt
Donna Hill

Brenda Jackson
Beverly Jenkins
Iris Johansen

Pamela Kelley
Abigail Keam
Marion Keyes
Dorothy Koomson
Jayne Ann Krentz

Laurie Larsen
Beverly Lewis
Johanna Lindsey
Elle Lothlorien

Debbie Macomber
Nana Malone
Jill Mansell
Jennifer McNAre
Ashley Merrick
Ava Miles
Vanessa Miller
Kit Morgan
Lisa Mondello
Diane Greenwood Muir

Betty Neels
Carla Neggers
Ruth Ann Nordin
Brenda Novak

Katie Oliver
Jean Oram

Diana Palmer
Kristen Painter
Nina Perez
Alexander Potter

Amanda Quick

Holly Rayner
Francine Rivers
Nora Roberts
Farrah Rochon
Renee Roszel
Lauren Royal

Sandra Schwab
Rachel Schurig
Juliette Sobanet
Danielle Steel
Cheryl St.John
Denise Grover Swank

Tess Thompson

Nancy Warren
Peggy Webb
Regina Welling
Laurin Wittig
Cynthia Wright

and to this list I’d like to add the book that made me try my hand at writing romance (up until then I’d been writing about Zombies):
To Be Sung Underwater by Tom McNeal

I read it once and cried. Like, bawled my eyes out. Then I read it again and bawled my eyes out again . I was so immersed into the story, I couldn’t let the characters out of my head for weeks. I wanted to write like Tom McNeal when I grew up…

His writing is lyrical, poetic, beautiful and it swept me away.  I have a long way to go before I get there, but when I wrote my first romance novella, Love, Inc, where do you think my hero, Wayne Blunt, got his name from?

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Please feel free to email me with your recommendations and I’ll add them to the list.

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