Recommended Reading Order:

The Honeymoon Series and the Italian Summer Series can be read separately, however characters from both series appear in most of the storylines since the books are set in the same world. So, if you would like to read BOTH series without running the risk of coming across spoilers, there is a recommended reading order:

Honeymoon For One
Honeymoon For Three
Honeymoon Blues
It Takes Two
All That Glitters
Honeymoon Bliss
Baby StepsĀ 
Fool’s Gold
Gina’s story (due June 2017)
Elsa’s story (due July 2017)

In the Italian Summer Series of books you find out what was going on in the lives of Rona, Andrea, Gina & Elsa (the last two books are due for release in 2016) while Nico and Ava’s story is continued throughout the Honeymoon Series.



Because of this overlap with the characters and the world they live in, the timelines for the books are connected and consequently there is a recommended reading order if you want to read both series without stumbling across spoilers.

Honeymoon For One, Honeymoon For Three and Honeymoon Blues are the first three books in the Honeymoon Series. The Italian Summer Series begins with Rona’s story, It Takes Two and takes place after the end of Honeymoon Blues but none of the books go as far as the epilogue mentioned in Honeymoon Blues.

All That Glitters is Andrea’s story and and parts of this book are in parallel with It Takes Two.

I will update this page as and when I release the books.


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